Moshi iOn Bank 10K Portal Battery Charger

Moshi iOn Bank 10K Portal Battery Charger

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Moshi iOn Bank 10K Portal Battery Charger

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Quick Overview

Suitable for all USB devices


    • Stylish aluminum casing with push-button battery level indicator.
    • Dynamic Power Sharing technology (DPS) for optimized charging efficiency of 18 watts across two outputs.
    • Two USB ports for charging for 2 devices (i.e. 2 iPads) simultaneously.
    • High-endurance 10,000 mAh lithium-polymer cells.
    • Includes travel pouch for easy storage and portability.

    Rejuvenate the life of your mobile device with Moshi's IonBank 10K. The mobile charger sports 10,000 mAh, more than enough capacity to charge your smartphone multiple times or extend the battery life of your tablet an additional 7-8 hours. Utilizing Moshi's DPS (dynamic power sharing) technology, IonBank intelligently detects and delivers the optimal charge rate to each connected device. The two USB ports have a combined output of 18 watts to allow for the simultaneous charging of two iPads. Unlike typical lithium-ion battery packs on the market, IonBank uses higher grade lithium-polymer cells for greater reliability and longevity. Simply plug your IonBank into any USB wall or car charger to recharge.


    Quick Start Guide

    - Charge your IonBank by connecting the integrated USB connector to a USB power adapter or a powered USB port on the computer as shown:

    - To check your IonBank's power level, press the button next to the LED indicators. All five LED indicators will flash momentarily and then become solid. The number of solid LED lights indicates your IonBank's power level.

    - Charge your smartphone(s) and/or tablet(s) by connecting to the USB ports as shown:


    * IonBank cannot deliver power while it is being charged. This is a protective measure to extend the life of the power cells.

    Important Noteds & Instructions

    * IonBank uses lithium-polymer cells and has no "memory effect". You may charge as frequently as you wish.

    * Do not open, disassemble, puncture or modify your IonBank in any way. Doing so not only voids the product warranty, but could also result in fire, electrical shock, serious injury and/or property damage.

    * To prevent a short circuit or other potential hazard, keep any foreign metal object away from IonBank's ports and connectors. It is recommended to keep IonBank in the included travel pouch during transport or when not in use.

    * It is normal that IonBank may be warm to the touch during usage. However, if the product becomes hot to the touch, starts to expand or swell, or emits strong odor, discontinue use immediately and contact Moshi to have the product examined.

    * Keep IonBank away from heat sources such as thermal vents, fire, and strong direct sunlight. To prolong the life of IonBank's power cells, do not store IonBank at elevated temperatures (over 80F or 27C).

    * Charge cycle efficiency may vary depending on device model and other factors such as ambient temperature.

    * Use only certified cables to charge your smartphone and tablets. Non-compliant cables may not perform as expected.

    * To charge IonBank, use the internal USB cable and plug into any powered USB port on a computer or USB power adapter. You may use a 12-watt USB power adapter for faster charging.

    * Do not dispose your IonBank as household waste. For more information on how to recycle this product, please contact your city government or local recycling center.

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